Proxee is a patented end-to-end proximity marketing platform that allows our clients to send rich multimedia content to mobile devices in real-time using proprietary beacon hardware, with full compliance and support with Apple’s iBeacon™ and Google’s Eddystone™ frameworks– all on top of three different technologies: Geofencing, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Sonic Audio (patented Ultrasonic technology).

PROXEE: An end-to-end solution

Our solution provides you these components:

Beacons (iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ compliant)

Beacons are small devices that emit Bluetooth signals, which can be recognized by latest-generation smartphones, across both Android and iOS. A beacon can trigger content between ranges of 20cm up to 70m. Our beacon hardware is completely unique in that most of our form factors also broadcast Sonic Audio™, an ultra-high frequency audio tone that is inaudible to the human ear– this signal that allows you to reach and engage with older smartphones, and/or users that have disabled Bluetooth.

Ultrasound (Sonic Audio™)

Our signal is inaudible to the human ear (Sonic Audio technology patents), and can be sent by our proprietary beacons (in conjunction with the BLE signals) or through the existing audio systems (i.e. in-store radio, television, digital signage, etc.). The signal is picked up by devices’ microphones. This proprietary technology increases the number of reachable users by 50%, thereby covering 95% of smartphones.


Geofence technology allows you to message a user 800 meters from a store even when the app is off (using the Location Services of a device– GPS is NOT required), with to generate additional store traffic.

Push notifications

Thanks to our proprietary CMS, you can send push notifications and create HTML5 content to match. Tapping on the push notification will open the app displaying the content of interest.


The targeting engine catalogs users according to rules that can be specified as desired, such as age, loyalty, frequency of purchase; all in accordance to the data available for the user's profile, without having to resort to pre-defined or pre-packaged solutions.

HTML5 contents

Our CMS creates mini websites in HTML5 format, employing responsive design, which means that you can send different types of web content such as coupons, contests, flyers, videos, data sheets, invitations events, etc.


Proxee Studio: an integrated and easy-to-use tool with which you can create any type of content and schedule it onto your mobile app.


The Software Development Kit is available for iOS and Android and is easily integrated, with only 3 lines of code. It allows any application to interact with our platform.


Each activity is monitored by our analytics engine. For each content you can see how many people have received it, when they did, where and how long it has been viewed, integrated with demographic data provided when the user creates their profile. The tool provides access to very important measurements: how many times the mobile app goes near the shop, how long it stays in front of the window, how often it enters the store, how long the user dwells, and more).

Cloud platform

The Cloud platform frees you from the burden of monitoring and maintaining an efficient solution. Everything is managed by our staff, who have a 360-degree view, and can provide quick support. The platform will be accessible to all users from the data center that is closest to them, ensuring high download speeds and a better user experience.

A convenient and versatile solution

Using Proxee guarantees:


Due to its nature the solution allows you to reach your customers even outside of the store.


The increase in customer loyalty will increase the traffic in the store.

Added value

Further enhances your existing mobile application, so that you'll see an increase in the number of downloads.


A new mobile media will allow you to engage users of all ages, interests, and technology.


An original, effective communication style made available by Proxee will allow you to highlight yourself among all the other offers that saturate the market.


You will gain + 15% / 20% conversion and returns on the campaigns that you run.


Easily offer sweepstakes, without having to personally manage users and participations.


The customer becomes the main protagonist: engage them to ensure a strong impression of the brand.

Point of sale

Optimize your production of materials for the store.


Signal that you are an innovative player that is ready to seize the opportunities offered by new media.


OVS Industry has chosen Proxee for its Proximity Marketing platform with the initiative called "OVS Connection Message". This initiative adds up to more than 25 pilot stores within Expo 2015.


RAI Pubblicità


A network of 80 cinemas across the country where, using the Proxee app, you can obtain information on show times, promotions, initiatives, events, and advertising campaigns.


20 beacons in the pavilion inside the Expo Coop 2015 (Future Food District) and integration of our SDK in the COOP 4 EXPO mobile app (iOS and Android).


METRO Cash and Carry


Integration of our SDK in the Metro app (iOS and Android) with the aim to increase customer loyalty and participation in events and promotions targeted at members Metro.

Associazione Montenapoleone

Development of a new mobile app that integrates our SDK, aimed to customers of the fashion centre that installed iBeacons within their boutique.

The project aims to offer exclusive services, engaging the owner of the mobile app from his arrival in the city and invite him to enjoy a range of services (private concierge, car rental, booking hotels, personal shopper, and tailor much more) only for holders of the Montenapoleone app.


SEAT Pagine Gialle


Integration of our SDK in the Seat PG app (iOS and Android). We are creating the biggest advertising network of Proximity Marketing in Europe.

150 Shopping centers with iBeacons and 3.6 million apps have been made available to brands who want to plan activities, promos and advertising, while customers using the Yellow Pages app are near shops and in the process of buying.

Gallerie Commerciali Bennet

Development of a new mobile app that integrates our SDK + installation of about 100 beacons in most Bennet malls, or use of the in-store radio within the 36 galleries that are participating.

With the new application, the user can not only receive up-to-date information on the initiatives organized within individual galleries, but also participate to contests, surveys, events, receive targeted promotions and read the flyers.


Uno dei nostri beacon

Signal360 beacons emit a standard Bluetooth Low Energy signal, in addition to an ultrasound that s inaudible to the human ear. Our beacons allow our customers to reach devices that have the Bluetooth turned off, as well as devices not equipped with a BLE antenna.

Consequently, beacons reach 50% more devices than normal iBeacon.

Patented Signal360 technology.
Proxee Studio

Proxee Studio

A powerful and versatile CMS for your campaigns.

To make creation and deployment of interactive media easy and convenient, we have built a self-provisioning platform called "Proxee Studio". Thanks to this Content Management System you can schedule contents and notifications, have access to analytics and more. Within the platform, pending yearly subscription, customers can then easily create engaging mobile campaigns, in complete autonomy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything about the platform.

What is Proximity Marketing?

It's a digital technology that use different techniques to engage mobile apps that dwell close to points of interest, such as shops, shelves, monuments, museums, etc.

Why Proximity Marketing?

To better serve its customers by incrementing interaction between the store, the product and the consumer.

What are the advantages?

Proximity Marketing generates traffic inside the stores, provides additional information on products and services targeted conveying messages, generates information and very valuable data to learn more about its customers.

Why is Proxee unlike other iBeacons?

Proxee allows reaching 50% more devices than standard iBeacons which only communicate via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Proxee also recognizes an "ultrasound" from its beacons, which is able to reach even old phones via their microphone.

What if I don't have a mobile app?

Proxee partnered with third-party apps with an installed base of nine million mobile apps.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to beacon quantity, locations and other project details.

Does Proxee interact with other CMS, CRM, etc?

Proxee is already integrated with enterprise CMS like Siebel.

Which companies does Proxee work with today?

OVS Connection Message, Coop, Expo, Rai, Bennet, Metro Cash and Carry and many others.

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